Cleveland Lawyer for Railroad Crossing Accidents

Collisions between motor vehicles and trains at railroad crossings are, by their very nature, usually catastrophic or fatal. The Cleveland railroad accident attorneys at The Gundy Law Firm are experienced railroad accident lawyers and have been successful in handling all types of railroad accidents.

If you have been injured in a railroad accident, call our Ohio railroad crossing negligence injury attorneys at The Gundy Law Firm. We can be reached locally at 216-245-0498 or toll free at 888-207-2750. We have law offices in Mayfield Heights, Cleveland, Twinsburg, Mentor, Russell, Independence and Westlake.

We Are Knowledgeable About Railroad Laws

There are complex laws that govern railroad operations in the United States. These laws set forth specific standards of conduct which the railroads must follow. There are also very specific technical liability issues that must be evaluated when investigating and pursuing railway accidents. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of railroad laws.

Among other factors, the operational negligence of the train crew must be evaluated for safe operation and control of the locomotive, the railroad crew must have been keeping proper lookout, and the speed of the train must not have been excessive. In addition to the potential operational negligence of the train crew, the safety aspects of the railroad's road crossing must be analyzed.

When an injury or wrongful death occurs that involves a train, the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Gundy Law Firm can evaluate whether or not there is any fault on behalf of the railroad company. We know what key factors to look for in evaluating potential railroad negligence. We use that knowledge to help people throughout Ohio get maximum recovery for the accident injuries they have sustained.

If you have been injured or a loved one killed in a railroad accident, contact the railroad accident attorneys at The Gundy Law Firm for straightforward and experienced legal representation.