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At the Gundy Law Firm, John M. Gundy, Jr., has represented hundreds of buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. He is one of the leaders in representing buyers who decide to sue the sellers of real estate that failed to disclose known defects in the property. We also defend sellers who are wrongfully sued by disgruntled purchasers. We have extensive experience in this area to assist our clients in determining whether or not they have a case, and making sure they recover all the monies they deserve.

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Failure to Disclose

In Ohio a seller is required to fill out a Residential Property Disclosure Form. This is a specific document required for the transfer of real estate within the state of Ohio that outlines details of the property known to the seller as well as all repairs that occurred in the past five years. Many times sellers fail to disclose everything they know because they are afraid it will prevent the sale of their home. However, by not doing so they are giving the buyer a claim for damages. The buyer has the right to sue for damages to obtain the home he thought he was buying. For example, if the seller knows the basement of his home leaks but fails to disclose it, the buyer can later sue the seller for the cost to repair the basement and make it dry.

Purchase and Sales

At The Gundy Law Firm we realize that the purchase or sale of your home is one of the biggest decisions you can make. When things go wrong the consequences can be devastating. We can help a seller or buyer of real estate to go into the transaction knowing all the rules so that he or she is protected from all the pitfalls that can happen when a deal goes badly. We can draft and tailor the purchase agreement to protect our client whether he is the buyer or the seller, and we can use our years of experience to avoid the problems that can occur with any real estate transaction. We work with you and your Realtor to prevent things from going wrong.

We can also provide experienced representation in real estate disputes and litigation.

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