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Under Ohio law, most workers injured in accidents on the job or suffering disabilities because of their job are entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits under the Ohio workers' comp plan.

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Attorney John M. Gundy, Jr. has been a leading workers' compensation attorney serving injured workers and their families in northeastern Ohio for more than 20 years. Because attorney Gundy previously handled workers' compensation matters for employers, he knows both sides of the table and uses that knowledge when handling employee workers' comp claims. Our firm is recognized as a prominent workers' comp firm in the Cleveland region. We have offices in Mayfield Heights, Cleveland, Twinsburg, Independence, Mentor, Russell and Westlake.

"Workers' compensation claims are complicated. Too often, employers fight hard to deny claims because they don't want to see their insurance rates rise. The law says you are entitled. We have helped hundreds of workers get the money they need. We are ready to help you." Attorney John Gundy

When We Say We Handle Everything, We Mean Everything

You may be confused about where to turn for help after getting injured on the job. That's why we're here. We handle everything, from initial investigation and gathering records to preparing evidence and attending your hearings.

Have You Already Been Denied Benefits?

Our lawyers accept workers' compensation claims at any point in the process. If you have been denied before, bring the matter to us. We'll take over the case and give you a free assessment of where the problems are and whether we can honestly help you get the money you are fighting for.

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